Queen Bee Multi PT Set + Breeding Examples


There were a few comments on my Queen Bee sims suggesting that some of them be turned into Pollination Technicians.
I played around with different combos and found one that I really liked. Attractive humanoid kids with some (mainly elf ears) qualities are what I was looking for and in the end accomplished that with this bunch.

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Queen Bee Challenge: Winthorpe Valley (part six)

Woot Woot! Part six! That means four more installments to go.

If you haven't tried this challenge, you really should. I'm having a ton of fun making babies and aging them up to see what they look like as adults. Although this is only part six, I finished the challenge yesterday and have the rest of the pics and downloads waiting around on my computer to be posted. I'll definitely be giving this challenge another shot in another one of my 'hoods. Maybe using one of the Spectras (because I heart them so much it hurts) or even a Dorkasaur. We'll see. :)

Ok, enough chatter.

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The Crayola Legacy: Blue (part two)

Last time on the Crayola Legacy: Cornflower Crayola settled into her new life;  met, moved in and married Grover.

I forgot to mention this in the last post; the naming scheme is based on the colors of the Crayola Rainbow. All names in this legacy come from past and present Crayola colors. Although, I did get pretty lucky using Grover for Gen Blue. Very nice. Very nice.

Warning: Only about 50 pics. Short update. Language and adult situations, a whole lot of delayed awesimsauce makeovers (sims & house).

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